Just another DJ Company?

Here's what we do different.

As well as having all of our "in house" entertainers and staff, We have a massive list of suppliers that can provide anything and everything else you need or want for ANY sort of event imaginable!

So here's what really sets us apart from DJ companies.

You can plan and arrange everything you need for your event with us!

No more calling 6 or 7 different places for DJs, photobooths, a cake, LEDs, Balloons blah blah blah......

Get it all right here!

Order everything through JKG Events, we'll book and arrange everything with suppliers to be delivered, picked up, dropped off etc.

That also means that because everything is ordered from one place, you only need to pay one place too!

Sooooo much easier right?

Here's the better bit, If we can't get you what you want or need for your event at the price we give you, we'll even help you find someone who will so you don't have to start all the way from the beginning with a different company all over again. Events are stressful enough without having to worry about repeating yourself half a dozen times.