Gaz Sheridan
Owner/Lead Entertainment Specialist

Gaz Sheridan is the owner and main entertainer of JKG Events.

He is known as the artist and producer that brought the Euros Football tournament Scotland anthem "We Have A Dream 2021 ", as well as the voice of KL Radio shows TGI Monday and Gaz's Bangerz & Mashups on Thursdays. 

Gaz has been a mobile entertainer for over 10 years specialising in club music and feelgood favourites.

He's down to earth, comfortable and funny and isn't shy of joining guests on the dancefloor to dance. He has a great ear for music and can read a crowd better than reading a book.

He's able to get you to a dance floor and keep you there, dancing to songs you love or maybe tracks you completely forgot existed.

Gaz's comment " I've played official after parties for some of the biggest names in british music, Liam Gallagher, Calvin Harris, Ed Sheeran, but it doesn't matter the size of the venue or size of the crowd, every gig gets the same level of my attention and i always throw everything I have into performing. "

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