Rabbit Downey Jr
Deliverer of egg shaped chocolates

This is Rabbit Downey Jr ( don't ask, we wanted to call him Rabbit Burns because he's from Scotland but he said no and hasn't spoken to us since, he just nods now) ...anyway, he is our resident Easter bunny, he helps us deliver lots of chocolate eggs every year to lots of people in the local area. 

This little guy moved in with us some time ago , he comes from a massive family, has 4 brothers, Thumper, Jumper, Dumper and Hu.........really? who calls their kid that?...........I'm not even typing that......

Ahem......Where was I? ............Oh yeah

He has some really famous relatives. His cousin Bugs plays Basketball with his girlfriend Lola, Babs and Buster live at Warner studios, his Uncle Roger and Auntie Jessica are big movie stars. Even his dad is a famous athlete and is the face of a company who sells batteries. 

But all RDj ever wanted to do with his life was make people happy, so we took him in so he can have the opportunity to do just that.

During Easter season each year you can request that this bundle of energy comes to your home, place of work, school etc for a visit!

We'll bring him along to meet whoever is there, you can all have some photos taken, have some fun and have a laugh for a little while and he'll hand deliver some Easter eggs for everyone. 

To request a booking for March 2024, CLICK HERE for our request form and we'll get back to you ass soon as possible. 

Keep an eye out for the Ads on facebook when he's ready!

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