Stevie Tannahill

Stevie has been a Dj/Entertainer for 25+ years, there isn't much this guy doesn't know about party music.

He jokes that he started Djing with A-Track tapes lol

He's funny, witty and always up for a laugh, enjoys playing little games with guests like hiding random envelopes with prizes or selecting participants at random by hiding stars under their chairs.

Just because he's been in the game for a while doesn't mean he's an "old style" DJ. Stevie has some very impressive mixing skills and can easily have dancers on the floor from start to finish making him perfect for any event from 18th to 80th parties.

Add that with his knowledge of music over the last 25+ years and even your Grannie will be whipping the shoes off and boogying away all night.

Stevie is an amazing addition to the JKG Events team and we are happy to have him with us.

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