Wido (The Wishy Grinch)
Mischief Maker

This giant ball of green fur is our resident mischief maker we've named Wido. 

He doesn't talk much but his actions speak so much louder than words. His attitude is as bad as a teenagers socks and he's so lazy that he sleeps for 10 months at a time!

Likes - Dancing, messing with peoples hair and light switches, stealing presents & maybe the occasional dropkick to a Christmas tree.

Dislikes - people, Christmas, Jolly fat men in red suits with white beards & those little Sea Monkey things. 

Anyway.... From the start of November through December each year you can request that this bundle of whatever he is comes to your home, place of work, school etc for a visit!

We'll bring him along to meet whoever is there, you can all have some photos taken, have some fun and have a laugh for a little while. 

Don't worry he'll be supervised at all times so he won't do what that other Grinch did and trash someone's house with a food fight lol

Keep an eye out for the Ads on facebook when he 's ready!

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