Care Home Entertainment Visit

Care Home Entertainment Visit

We would love to show you what we can do and have done at nursing home parties and events but for the safety of residents and their families as well as staff we cannot and will not post pictures of the events.


We can tell you that we have seen and been told by attending staff that the events have been massive successes and massively beneficial to residents.

Many nursing homes do their best to keep their residents entertained and active with the assistance of Hobby Therapists etc, we at JKG Events are here to help.

Music therapy aims to facilitate positive changes in emotional wellbeing and communication through the engagement in live musical interaction. We as people sometimes underestimate the power and abilities that music has on our minds and our bodies. Music has the ability to spark memories, create emotional bonds, it keeps us active even through the tiniest tapping of a finger.

That's why we believe it is perfect for residents within care homes, we have witnessed dementia patients relive their happiest memories by hearing a favourite song, we've watched as people who are usually immobile move a finger or a foot to tap in time and we have watched the smiles and glimmer in their eyes watching lights dance around a room.

And we want to offer that chance to all nursing homes/ assisted living compounds particularly in the Central Scotland area.

You can hire us for a 2 hour block, any weekday before 4pm and we will come to your care home, residential/ assisted living complex and entertain your residents and staff.

It can be for VE Day, Halloween, Christmas, a Summer fete, a tea party, ANYTHING! anything you can think of.

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