Flowers (Florist)

Flowers (Florist)

Flowers have been a key part of weddings since Ancient Roman times as a sign of fidelity and new beginnings.

Today, flowers are still massively popular and play a huge role in a special occasion.

Botanic Magick are a professional floristry company based in North Lanarkshire with raving reviews.

With years of experience designing and creating a huge range floral arrangements for all sorts of events, we are happy to welcome them as our floral supplier.

Specialising in Wedding flowers, they can provide every single flower for your big day.

  • Bride & Bridal Party Bouquets
  • Buttonholes & Corsages
  • Gift Baskets/Boxes
  • Table Centrepieces
  • Top Table Displays
  • Church & Venue Arrangements
  • Alter Displays

Doesn't have to be all about the weddings though, you can have any of their arrangements for any occasion.

You will not be disappointed!

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Supplied by Botanic Magick, subject to direct contact with supplier, we will give your details to our supplier to contact you and discuss exactly what you are looking for. 

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